Gaye Su Akyol

Photo: © Gorsel

Sunday, April 14, 2024 — 8:30pm


Augartenbrücke 1, 1010 Vienna


pre-sale € 28 / doors € 32 / reduced € 23
Tickets via ntry

Anadolu Ejderi"(2022) - the Anatolian Dragon breathes fire. On her fourth album, acclaimed artist Gaye Su Akyol takes chances. In her lyrics, she recalls the beauty of Istanbul before the coups in her homeland. The political allusions are subtle, yet the cries from the soul are palpable. Gaye Su Akyol laments the loss of culture in a country facing political and economic collapse. Amidst the decline, the Anatolian Dragon rises in resistance, invoking collective action as the sole remedy against pure evil.

The musical hybrid is as wild as ever, consistently diving into the unexpected. As a lover of Turkish psychedelia, Gaye Su Akyol has taken artistic freedom, expanding genres that evolve like a chemical reaction in her songs, shattering the boundaries of her influences. Anatolian Pop-Folk, classical Turkish music, Turkish Psychedelic Rock, Post-Punk, Jazz, Surf, and Disco - "Anadolu Ejderi" is the awakening of a mythological dragon from a deep sleep, an artistic explosion, and a call to listen.

Gaye Su Akyol - vocals, percussion
Görkem Karabudak - guitar, keyboard, backing vocals
Berke Özcan - drums, electronics