Aïta mon amour

Double concert - with Seba Kayan

Photo: © Soufiane Najah

Thursday, 18.04.2024 — 08.30 pm


Augartenbrücke 1, 1010 Vienna


pre-sale € 24 / doors € 28 / under 30 € 19
Tickets via ntry

In 2001, Widad Mjama, laureate of the Casablanca Conservatory, stepped into the spotlight as Morocco's first female rapper in the predominantly male-driven underground scene. Her fascination with the Chikhates – female singers, poets, and guardians of Aïta, a centuries-old tradition of collective female expression – led her to her latest music project, Aïta Mon Amour. Collaborating with Khalil Epi, a renowned electronic musician and skilled player of the Loutar, they explore the captivating oral tradition of "Aïta," dating back to the 12th century. Aïta, meaning 'cry' in the Moroccan dialect, embodies both the call of warriors and the sensual lament of love.

The contemporary electronic project Aïta Mon Amour celebrates and preserves, in its own fascinating interpretation, this unique musical heritage of Morocco. Like the passing of the torch between generations, Widad creates a musical narrative with Aïta poems and songs that, carried by poignant cries, bridge the gap between tradition and modernity. Faithful to the spirit and strength of its origins, Aïta Mon Amour is powerful, touching, and a journey into the history of the Chikhates. It radiates, as a worthy heir, an authentic feminism of the next generation.

On this evening, Aïta Mon Amour and Seba Kayan the stage. Continuing their traditions in a contemporary context is a deep need for both of them and their progressive approaches are a worthy continuation.  

Widad Mjama – vocals
Khalil Epi – electronics, synthesizers, loutar